Arbl is a moshav in the Lower Galilee near the Sea of ​​Galilee and Tiberias Arbel Valley. 
The moshav is part of the Lower Galilee Regional Council. 
The place is called as the ruins of the ancient settlement Arbel, including a Jewish synagogue, are near the area of ​​the seat.

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The moshav was founded in 1949 as the seat of the collaborative Hittin Arab village whose inhabitants had fled from him during the Revolutionary War and were not allowed to return to their land after the war. 
July 1950 ordered the moshav disaster when the children's barracks burned and five babies have died in the fire.


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Weather in Arbel - The Galilee Cabbin

The Galilee Cabbin Moshav Arbel

The Galilee Cabbin is located at Moshav Arbel Lower Galilee, wrapped in a green area with fruit trees ...

Price in range 500-1000 N.I.S

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Weather in Arbel - Milk and Honey Suites

Milk and Honey Suites Kfar Zeitim, Israel

4  wooden suites designed in the Inspiration of the Seven Species. Suite vine (red) Designed as...

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Weather in Arbel - The sound of bells

The sound of bells Livnim

In the Community Livnim overlooking the Sea of Galilee Mount Arbel and blue, stand 4 cabins suitable f...

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