Monkey Forest Yodfat
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Monkey Forest Yodfat

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Yodfat, Israel
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General Information
Monkey Forest started out in the 70s and opened to the public in 1990 as an tourism educational shelter for animals and with an innovative approach, mainly to give the animals a living surrounding as close to their natural conditions, where the animals can behave naturally and be themselves. Visitors are asked to remember that it is home to the animals in the forest monkeys and you, are guests in their home. You are all welcome, animals and nature lovers, to come, walk around leisurely along the forest trails, meet the animals, sit down for a picnic and have a good time. At Monkey Forest you're allowed to feed the animals fresh, healthy food only. Do not feed the animals snacks, sweet / savory. come to an experience of people, animals and nature.
Payment method :
cash and credit
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