Masada National Park
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Masada National Park

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General Information
Masada is an ancient fortress on the summit of an isolated cliff,  at the edge of the Judean Desert, rising above the Dead Sea.
At Masada you'll find a very big park contaianig among all other facilities, the remainders of the buildings built during the reign of King Herod. The remains are of luxurious palaces, public buildings and pleasur facilities of that period.
There were fortifications surrounding the cliff and systems for collecting and storing water.
Besides historical relics, the place is also a  remember for the great revolt against the Romans which started with the conquer of  the cliff. Roman Tenth Legion, under the command of Flavius Silva Commissioner, weary from Jerusalem to conquer Masada from the rebel hands by siege.
Forces deployed around the cliff Legion, numbering about 8,000 troops. The siege lasted several months during which there was an intense, difficult battle between rebels and legion soldiers.
When the rebels have lost their hope, Eleazar Ben Yair called to the rebels, 960 people, that it is better to commit suicide than fall slaves to the Romans, and so it was.
After the conquest of Masada in 73 CE, the mountain re-discovered by researchers of the 19th century.Archaeological excavations and discovered were conducted that revealed the remains of the place and its history.
What will you find at Masada National Park?
The garden features Mount Masada and antiquity, Masada Museum, a cable car going up and down the mountain, walking trail to the mountain, a youth hostel and two campgrounds.
East entrance hall - Masada complex main entrance.
An archeological exhibition, a video, a model of the mountain and its surroundings, cash for the purchase of tickets to the site and the cable car, services, commercial shopping center and many restaurants and cafes, underground parking and first aid services.
You can choose to go up the mountain via cable car (3 minutes) or on foot (approximately - 45 minutes) "Trail snake ".
Entrance from the west 
Here there is no cable car and you can only go up on foot.  (around 15 minutes walk).
* There is no road connecting the east and the western side. Driving time from side to side is about an hour and a quarter.

Attractions at the park:

Audio-visual spectacle "against Masada"
On the western side of Masada National Park, you will witness the audiovisual show that tells the story of the last days of the siege at Masada.

There are regular occurrences from March to October:
March - August shows are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays at 20:00 pm.
September-October, shows are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays at: 21:00 pm.
Jeep trips
You can order a jeep trip that combines an extreme experience wuth stops at observation points, which allow to absorb the spirit of the place and enjoy the spectacular view.
The trips are suitable for couples, families and groups.
Guided tour
Along your visit you can book a guided with a guide.
The tour will begin with the screening of a short film about Masada and it's and after you'll continue to a sightseeing tour that lasts between an hour and a half to two hours.
Masada Museum
Museum closely meet over - 400 rare artifacts discovered in archaeological excavations.
Objects of the rebels and the Roman soldiers figures (reconstructed) await you at the museum.
The tour provides a experiential glimpse to the history of the place and the tragic story of the uprising. The tour is accompanied by explanations you hear with headset.
Museum display three main focuses: Herod, the Roman army and rebels. Thus, during the visit you will be exposed to the reign of Herod, years of revolt against the Romans, and finish at the fall of Masada.
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