The Yellow Submarine
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The Yellow Submarine

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HaRechavim 13, Jerusalem, Israel
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General Information
Yellow Submarine- a multidisciplinary center for music, founded in 1991 by the Jerusalem Foundation's contribution to fund Florshiimer. Over the years has become one of the leaders in the field of music tone. In 2000 became an independent organization. This year, 2011, celebrates its 20th birthday submarine. Submarine Yellow is the focus of culture and music Yerushalmi centers. Submarine, by definition, is the Jerusalem house music - its creators and fans alike. Over the years it became the focus of pilgrimage of musicians from all over the spectrum - from the Young Filmmakers Jerusalem, musical ensembles from around the country, and ending, of course well-known artists and loved ones - who see the submarine home. During the day the place is used as a school for music and sound, rehearsal room and recording studio. In the evening take place in concerts of ensembles of young, gas, theater groups, entertainment and performances by artists known and loved. Yellow Submarine sees herself as an emissary of cultural which is a solution for the crowd in Jerusalem diversity. On new occurrences can be found in tasting cultural numerous: on Tuesdays, the submarine opens the hatch for all lovers of the gas, and invites the audience to Jerusalem to drown his sorrows in beer cold and gas fine. ensembles professional, selling mostly, playing every week and Heat Jerusalem winter sounds warm saxophone and piano - all - free for everyone. Besides Many artists, known and loved who visit the submarine every month, there are submarine evenings the young companies - coming from across the country and of course Jerusalem, which receive most of the first exposure to their on-stage submersible . Submarine producer and the initiative of many projects: the trend of music mature high school kids? project bands youth and adults - development, support and production of the composition of music of all ages? television series "Live Yellow Submarine" - second season television series on Channel One, hosted by Shaanan Street.? productions Away large throughout the city and beyond (Student Day, Arts and Crafts, Summer Events Tower of David)? participation in various festivals. beyond the music, you can find here a bar alcohol range and professional atmosphere warm and homey led by a small and charming. In addition, the Yellow Submarine has a web site upgraded that way you can watch shows in a detailed and rich, to acquire credit cards presale discounts, the latest news and articles on music, view a photo gallery from various events, players enter and search board the submarine's forum. URL: . il opening hours of the place: the Ministry of 10:00 to 18:00 rehearsals and recordings: 10:00 to 01:00 impressions: Tuesdays - Arab gas 21:30, Thursday and Saturday - big shows. during the week - varies.
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