Ein Shuyerah
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Ein Shuyerah

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kinneret, nahal shrir
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Rectangular pool measuring 3.2 meters by 12.5 meters, and holds the water of the river Shrir in Shrir stream. the pool served a Bhai village held near Kibbutz Haon until it was abandoned during the War of Independence, and was blocked for decades until rebuilt and remodeled in 2000 by Kibbutz Yareah Faran from Kibbutz haon - an outstanding man with an outstanding life story. The name of the place, is a cross between the Arab name of the place, and the name of Yareah Farn. along side the pool there are fruit trees and seats, and a view west to the Kinneret. The place is considered as one of the most beautiful springs in the Golan Heights.
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