Monument "Oz" 77th
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Monument "Oz" 77th

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Kibbutz El-Rom, Do - Rom
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Monument to the fallen in the "Valley of Tears" at the Yom Kippur War. This battle was one of containment battles against the attacks of the Syrian army in the Golan Heights, which Israeli forces blocked the Syrian military offensive big outnumbered. The battle is considered as one of the turning points in the war, as if he breached the contact line, the Syrians were able to inject large forces to the northern Golan, and together with the fall of South Heights from Syria in the early days of the war - the entire Golan would fall into Syrian hands, and from there the road to the Galilee and Haifa - back on earth , was short. What database monument Centurion tank panels that are vertical, and a cannon of a tank barrel pointing up. Bronze table legs which appear the names of fallen battalion. Tank monument on the Syrian booty.
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