Mosque Cbavir
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Mosque Cbavir

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The source of Haifa neighborhood Cbavir family is still Vagirth of Ni'lin village in Samaria in the 17th century, of evading military conscription into the Ottoman army, and its settling cave Carmel range between river and stream in-depth dialogue. Later the place became a village, and the Ahmadi sect Join family after a visit of the son of the founder of the sect in Haifa, it was decided to move the center of the Ahmadiyya delegation from Damascus Middle Eastern countries, Llachabbir, and building the mosque instead. The two minarets of the mosque 35 meters that can be seen from almost any point west of Carmel, and is built octagonal shape, similar to the shape of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. What a site: In addition there is a panoramic view to the west to the coast from Haifa and south.

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