Shfaim Reservzation
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Shfaim Reservzation

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Hasharon beach
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General Information
The impressive coastal area was declared as a nature reserve to preserve the beautiful beach from the real estate takeover.
The reserve extends to the area from Rishpon to Wingate College. In reserve there is a growth of some special plants such as Rotem desert and sagebrush, and some one of plants of the sea climate - Mediterranean like squill and thyme scalped.
On a sandstone ridge in the reserve area, you can see the bloom of beautiful flowers and one of the rare land - purple iris, whose bloom in February.
Near the entrance to the preserve, there is a circular hiking trails , and about 200 m north of the entrance of the reserve, there is a grove of eucalyptus trees with tables, where you can do picnics, coffee breaks and rest.

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