Kohav Yair-Silit bicycle trail
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Kohav Yair-Silit bicycle trail

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Tsur Igal
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General Information
Park the car in the industrial area of Tzur Yigal. Begin the 20 km-long route, in the road connecting between Tzur Yigal Kochav Yair. Continue toward a gas station and after several meters turn right with the marked path crossing Sapir Forest, where you ride about half a kilometer to connect with red trail mark. Ride in the forest about half a kilometer to connect to the red trail mark. In the trail junction turn right and head to the black trail mark, continue along the path and at some point the trail will connect with the Israel National Trail, and then splits again. You can continue with the Israel National Trail or continue up the road and climb black trail mark a sharp increase toward the road. Continue along the rocky entrance to the industrial area, turn right through a metal gate and go to a cemetery observation. Return is the same way.
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