Shluhat Ayala And Shimri stream
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Shluhat Ayala And Shimri stream

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Short circular and light route, suitable for families and children and is not very known by travelers. in the place you can view all that the Carmel has to offer - springs, vegetation, history and landscapes. Pass the wide gate near the parking lot and continue to the green trail mark. After a hundred yards you reach Ein Ayala a shallow fountain restored by the locals. Down the path we reach the ruins of an Arab village that was destroyed during the War of Independence in Shoter operation, and about - 1.5 km then we Hirbet Shimri - a stone building dated to the 16th and was probably used for storage. Back to the cars: the ruined keep more green for a short segment to the creek, there note that at this point is over the green check. after moving cattle fence, turn left up the path marked in blue Mary river. after a few hundred feet the trail turns right - we do not turn to him but to continue with the dirt road for an unmarked. two intersections following we choose the reference to the left and after a slight increase in the path are marked black. continue to come to the tomb of Sheikh kilometer, which pass from the right and reach a point where we parked. length of trail: 4 km trip duration: about 3 hours.
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