Soham to Tzedek tower
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Soham to Tzedek tower

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Shoham road 444
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General Information
30-km route that combines views of the the hills of Shomron and the coastal plain.starting from the east entrance of Shoham and southward down Highway 444 , turn left to industrial area.
Before going under the bridge of Route 6, there is a turn with the Cross-Israel trail marking, exceed this mark, get on Mahzavot Route , cross it and continue up.hen, go through the tunnel length of 50 m below the Route 6 and continue on a Israel trail until you reach Highway 465 which is the same crossing and continue about 300 m to the east with entrance to the forest-Cola, where continues with Israel path until you reach
pproximately 400 m before the fence of Elad, we separate from the Israel trail and at the Bedouin junction continue right to the east and continue with the path north.Before reaching the fence of Elad, there is a Y junction where we take the left - path that passes over the fence of the settlement until of quarry cliff Nachshonit. Then, turn right, and from there you can see the tower of Aphek.
After 100 m go down there is a left turn in the road with stones, carefully go down, go downhill to the left. Through the ravine and climb Tzedek tower , there You can park the bike, climb to the second floor which faces west, watch the amazing castle and make a coffee break.

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