Nature Reserve -Nitzanim beach
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Nature Reserve -Nitzanim beach

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Nitzanim beach
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Nitzanim beach reserve is located between the city Ashkelon to estuary of "Avtach". The territory of the reserve is 7700 hectares. In the reserve area there are many major landscape units and significant such as the seashore, in this unit there are not plants but there are species of animals in the sea. There is the coastal ridge, which is characterized by vegetation of sandy hills. This limestone ridge outstanding durability and strong character, and sea spray dry conditions typical. In addition to two of these units there are sand dunes where you can find mostly "Artemisia monosperma" and the desert Rotem . In addition, you can find Egyptian sugar cane, sticky Elecampane and more . Another unit is a stream channel "Avtach", across the dunes and gravel ridge. In this channel there is a relatively rare tree called "Populus euphratica." Sands Nitzanim are part of the southern coastal plain where there is a meeting between different types of plants and animals with extreme dry conditions adjustments in the desert
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