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Habashor Stream

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Habashor Stream
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General Information
Habashor stream is one of the largest streams in Israel
The length of the stream about 110 km and its drainage basin area is about 3400 square kilometers, covering an extensive area between the cities of Hebron, Arad, Dimona Yeruham and Sade Bokert to Mediterranean.
Today , the stream basin begins in the area Ramat Tziporim in the Negev region , but originally he was started from nearby Mitzpe Ramon.
The stream has two main tributaries:Beer Sheva stream and Gerar stream.
The name "Bashor" is a large stream mentioned in the Bible in Shmuel A When David and his men pursuing the Amalekites raided city "Ziklag" and which captivity the families of David and his men.
Along the stream there are several ancient sites stand out as a Haluza (between Revivim and Tze'elim), Tel Sheruhan, Tel Ein Habashor spring in Park Eshkol, Tel Gama and Tel Beit Eglim (Tel al Ajjul) in the Gaza Strip.

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