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In outlying of Jerusalem, lies the picturesque village - Ein Karem.
This village, which today is considered as a neighborhood in Jerusalem, is very significant in the Christian tradition, because in this village was born according to tradition, John the Baptist.
Ein Karem established century - 14th and controlled by Israel during the War of Independence. In Ein Karem ,there are two churches that bear the name of John the Baptist Church.
Popular among these is the Catholic Church, a church that was built on the ruins of the Bizhtit church that erected by St. Helena, and was destroyed during the Persian conquest.
On the left side of the main altar,you can go down to the cave that attributed to birthplace of John the Baptist.
In addition, there is the Church of the Visitation - Catholic church which was established in 1955 by architect named Antonio Barluzzi.
At the heart of the village, there is a small spring that around him the village has developed, known by name - Mary Spring. According to Christian tradition, the spring is where met Mary (mother of Jesus) her cousin Elisheva (mother of John the Baptist), when both bearing wombs their children. According to tradition Miriam went to the spring water and drinking them, so water sacred to the Christians.

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