The Mount of Olives
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The Mount of Olives

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The Mount of Olives, Jerusalem
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General Information
The Mount of Olives is located East to Jerusalem. His name is called so in honor of the olive groves that covered it before. The Mount of Olives sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims when many traditions associated with it.
After the destruction of the Temple The Mount of Olives remained important and was a "temporary substitute" the Temple Mount, during periods when Jews were forbidden to go in there.
In the region of The Mount of Olives there are many points of interest are highly recommended to visit: Church of All Nations - her original name is the suffering Church , in this place according to Christian tradition, Jesus prayed his last prayer.
Another church is the Church of Mary Magdalene, a Russian church dedicated to Mary Magdalene, a prostitute who repented and became a disciple of Jesus.
Other places are: the Church of "Dominus Flevit", the Jewish cemetery, Yad Absalom and Mary tomb.

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