Bordel Bar
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Bordel Bar

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52 Nahalat Binyamin Street (corner of Rothschild), Tel - Aviv
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General Information
The Brodel bar bar is a unique concept and crazy, old-timers in Tel Aviv, for 8 years. A special place with lighting design and pleasant atmosphere of sex in the air, good music and sells all genres, and a pilgrimage site for tourists from around the world.
The owner always are in place and of course the team unique and permanent place to keep stream audience energy and of course drinks and signature cocktails bar, as well as cocktails from personal taste and the recommendation of the bartenders professional who can provide quality service, friendly and quick, while singing, dancing and waving bottles everywhere
Our bartenders dictate the pace and not taken down until the end of the evening, during the fire performances, acrobatics and noise, sweep with the crowd drinking and being silly, and sometimes it ends a stormy dance on the bar ... Not just hangs proudly above the bar sign: "Caution electricity in the air". As befits any Carnival will get spitting fire from a bartender ...

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Free Chaser Smirnoff Vodka / Whisky Johnnie Walker Red Label on all purchases long drink.

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