Shvil Parot Hahalav
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Shvil Parot Hahalav

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Beit Lehem Haglilit, israel
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Year 2012 activity Moe experience - Moe robe! Welcome to nature, agriculture, greenery, Visitor Center - "milk cow path" Bethlehem, Galilee, dairy cows Trail "We offer agricultural experience for the whole family that consists of explanations and activities with guidance. "Milky Way" - you will hear an explanation of the mammals and the calving of a cow, to understand why and to whom the cow gives milk. * Feed the large circles with shovels and brooms appropriate size of the children and kids enjoy, graduates receive an explanation about artificial insemination and genetics of cattle. * Visit the hen with chicks. What's the egg? Why the rooster crows cackle? * Enter the milking parlor and milking learn and experience hands. Each one takes squirt milk. * Take and pour a large bottle and went to feed the young calves - an experience at any age * the tour finish "feast" of the chocolate and butter, dairy products we prepare ourselves and taste them. Go and we believe the new barn! Milking robot. High-Tech Service violations. Cleaning, ingredient, milk, antiseptic, giving food, consider, and all without a man beside him, alone with the cows. Amazing! Price for the task? 35 per child age two and a half, and NIS 35 for adults Duration - about an hour and a half to two hours, open all year round! Every day! Starting from? 10:00 am to 16:00 tours are held each day with a number of directories. Always open on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and vacation schools and kindergartens on weekdays that are not school vacation - you just call in the morning and announce your coming later today! And more on ... ? You can purchase the site logo printing shirts? You can buy cold drinks and ice cream phone: home phone Zvika -049 534 120 -049 832 437 Fax - 0523275682 Website - miles - wish you an Mo - Mo - Mo - robe! We will be happy to accommodate you, Bill dairy cows
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