The Confederacy
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The Confederacy

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Emile St. crude 12, Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem
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The Confederation Centre of ethnic music and poetry Confederation House, located in the ancient heart of the enchanting Yemin Moshe neighborhood, is the center of the producer and host cultural performances of ethnic music, world music, classical music gas and poetry as well as monthly meetings. The producer of the Festival Confederation checking account? D International, held in Jerusalem each year, the Festival Singers and the Festival Oh Metula? To? C? Father? Creating an Ethiopian - Israel. Intimate room overlooking the old city walls are first-rate Israeli artists alongside ensembles from abroad, particularly in ethnic music. However, with common occurrences working musicians of different work styles, and from many influences and distinct. Between the various instances you can find music from India, the Balkans, Georgia, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Ethiopia and Turkey, and of course, the Middle East.
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