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Neomi Goshen - Tour Guide

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Naomi Goshen is a certified tour guide and instructor, specializing in trips about nature, the Bible, history, settlement and Battle history and the israel national trail.
Naomi have been living in the cooperative settlement of Moledet for all her life, and is married with 4 adult children. Naomi has more than 30 years of experience - of guiding tours.

- Proficient knowledge on varied areas of the country - fauna and flora, Bible, history, battle heritage, minorities.
- specialization in the history of Zionist settlement in the last 130 years.
- Walking tours for those willing to walk and feel the earth as close as possible.
- A guide for Israel National Trail expecialy in the north and center.
- Working with a diverse crowd - adults, families, children and youth in English.

- Naomi Goshen tour guide in English.
- A licensed tour guide No. 10 474.
- Ministry of education Certificate of Character.
- BA in Geography and a teaching certificate

Our tour will take you to the rare corners of the country, to trails and sites you've never seen, you are invited for a walk with Naomi Goshen.
Payment method :
Cash and Checks
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Tour Regions:
The Galilee and the Golan Tiberias and surroundings Jezreel Valley Springs valley and the Gilboa

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