Israel’s 6 Must-See Attractions
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Israel’s 6 Must-See Attractions

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Israel boasts so many unique attractions that the hardest part of every trip is choosing which ones to see. From the green mountainous north of Israel to the bustling coastline, the holy city of Jerusalem to the aridly beautiful desert, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are our top six attractions in Israel for every tourist.
1.The Western Wall: One of the few remaining parts of Herod’s magnificent Temple, the Western Wall is one of Judaism’s holiest sites. Reconnect with your inner self when you touch the holy stones. Come in the late afternoon, when the golden stones glow with the sunset and the doves that nest in the cracks of the wall return home.
2. The Dead Sea: At the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea is famous for its mineral-rich mud that is turned into skin care products and sold all over the world. Enjoy a local Dead Sea mud facial and float in her super-buoyant salty waters, gazing at the mountains of Jordan and the blue sky above.
3. Dolphin Reef and Coral Reef, Eilat: Eilat is a divers’ paradise. Enjoy swimming and diving with the dolphins at Dolphin Reef or marvel at the many sea creatures that live in the Red Sea’s coral reef, open all year round for scuba diving and snorkeling. Non-divers can also enjoy Eilat’s astonishing sealife at the underwater marine observatory.
4. Bah’ai Gardens, Haifa: The Bah’ai Gardens are laid out in tiers up the Carmel mountains, circling the holy Bah’ai shrine of the Bab. It’s a long but rewarding walk up, with gorgeous vistas across Haifa to the Mediterranean Sea in one direction and the hills of the Galilee in the others. Each part of the gardens offers a different experience, but each one will all delight you.
5. Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Via Dolorosa: One Christianity’s holiest places, a visit to Constantine’s beautiful and imposing Church of the Holy Sepulchre in a journey back in time. Absorb the splendor of the church and the sanctity of the Tomb of the Resurrection, then walk along the Via Dolorosa to soak up history in Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter.
6. Mitspe Ramon: You’ll feel like you just journeyed to Mars when you visit Mitspe Ramon. Hikers and climbers relish the crater’s cliffs and steep drops, while the less athletic can enjoy glimpses of shy mountain gazelles and unexpected desert flowers. Watch the sun set across the glowing red rocks and lose yourself in the myriad stars that fil
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