The Unique Beauty of Israel’s Varied Regions
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The Unique Beauty of Israel’s Varied Regions

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One of the most astonishing things about Israel is how much variety there is packed into the borders of such a tiny country. You can freeze and burn, swim and ski on the same day within an area no bigger than the state of New Jersey. Here’s our guide to the unique offerings of each region of Israel.
North: The Golan and Galilee:
The Galilee and the Golan are areas of rushing rivers and green hills, interspersed with vineyards and banana plantations. Crusader ruins dot hilltops where mystic rabbis once meditated and Jesus preached his teachings. Fill your days rappelling down sheer cliffs and hiking shady riverside trails, or kayaking on the upper reaches of the Jordan and ski-ing on the slopes of Mount Hermon. Less energetic visitors can relax on Israel’s emptier Northern beaches or by the calm Sea of Galilee, or go wine-tasting at Israel’s popular boutique wineries.
Center: Tel Aviv and surroundings
The center of the country is home to most of Israel’s citizens and the majority of her famous hi-tech start-ups, as well as the most exciting night-life and innovative restaurants. In and around Tel Aviv you’ll find concert halls, art galleries, and museums housing centuries of Middle Eastern and Jewish history. Enjoy live shows from the world’s top pop and rock stars after a day exploring ancient ruins, or discover Israel’s most beautiful beaches, from Ashkelon to Caeserea.
Jerusalem and the Foothills
In the heart of the country lies Jerusalem, surrounded by a series of low hills which hide ancient battlefields and rolling countryside, boutique restaurants and wineries. Soak up her history walking the streets of her ancient quarters, haggle in the famous Mahaneh Yehuda marketplace or enjoy the modern nightlife of her tourist center. Jerusalem is full of important museums, historic places and of course must-see religious sites holy to each of three faiths.
South: The Negev
Israel’s southern region is mostly desert, but it’s far from empty. Bedouin farm their sheep and camels graze by the highways just outside the modern city of Be’ersheva. Herod’s imposing fortress of Massada overlooks the mineral-rich Dead Sea, where you can float on the salty waters before discovering the surprisingly varied animal and plant life hiding alongside desert streams. Hike the cliffs and valleys of the unique Ramon Crater and marvel at the millions of stars that fill the clear desert sky before you dive in to the wonders of the Red Sea’s coral reef at Eilat.
From North to South, every corner of Israel will delight you in a different way. 
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