The National Maritime Museum
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The National Maritime Museum

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Alenbi 198, israel
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National Maritime Museum is dedicated to the maritime history of the Mediterranean, Red Sea and the Nile, and display it reflects five thousand years of maritime history. Beginning in 1953, private collection of a lion? Me late, founder and first director of the museum. Mossad came a long way from one floor at seafarers? Sea port shall be the tabernacle on the new and wide 198 Allenby Road, which was inaugurated in 1972. The building was constructed on Ministry of Defence land, made possible with the generous support of the Morrison Foundation, London, and funded by the Haifa Municipality and friends from Israel and abroad. Today belongs to the Museum building company Haifa. The permanent exhibition arranged in order of historical periods and divided into sections that indicate the relationship of man to the sea over the centuries. The display is dedicated to the following subjects: archeology? Marine; art marine maritime mythology; ancient anchors; Greek coins? Roman; fish and dolphins; Scientific Instruments (Landau Family Collection), storage jars, maritime trade (in memory of David Kenneth M " to) the Mediterranean Sea, its ports and islands - ports of Phoenicia and the Land of Israel; cartography and graphics (the Carl and Lee Handler) new shipping; sea battles; and maritime construction. The most prominent display are ship models; archeological artifacts? Marine: pottery, coins and stamps, and a large collection of ancient maps and engravings distributed among the various sections. In addition to its permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, museum collections and exhibitions of local and international artists on the sea.
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