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Kadosh Caffee

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Shlomtsiyon HaMalka 6, Jerusalem, Israel
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General Information
Kadosh Coffe - a warm family coffee, located in the heart of Jerusalem. The coffee was founded by Meir Kadosh, forty-one years and has been used in my front room for all guests and dined. Itzik, son of Meir, who often spent his childhood in his father's business and learned the secrets of the profession over the years, received the reins of management to him. Itzik's wife, Karen, also discovered the magic of the place. Infatuation with Itzik, she fell in love with the area and place, and together, they continue the family tradition. Recently expanded and upgraded coffee shrine while maintaining the existing character and atmosphere. Holy maintain the tradition and reputation, and yet finding new ways to improve, upgrade and move the place forward. The coffee is designed with clean design, classic and European code inside atmosphere of the past. A saint's menu combines a variety of flavors and offers fresh pasta, fresh and smoked fish, quiches, salads, sandwiches, pastries and sweets. Everything is homemade, which is a pastry shop located upstairs in the cafe, her allegiance to Itzik and Karen. Raw materials used holiness is the highest quality. A variety of freshly baked pastries every morning, culinary aromas distributors and attract large crowds throughout the day - morning and night alike. Holy keeping warm and family atmosphere with a fair number of regular customers who feel like home and enjoy exquisite cuisine and milky and courteous personal service. Coffee Shrine also offers catering services for private events and special dinners. In addition you can buy cakes, pies, quiches and a variety of pastries sit. All these make the perfect coffee to entertainment option that can provide a solution to many customer needs.
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