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Israeli Flamenco Dance Company

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HaMasger 60, Tel Aviv, Israel
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COMPAS was foundad in 1995 by the Flamenco dancer and the choreographer Michal Natan. The uniqueness of COMPAS is the combination of different creators from different fields: music, theater, fine arts, contemporary & classical dances and more. Connections that create a different experience of art. “Compas” is currently appearing with 12 different productions:  Pavo Real - Multiplayer performance, combining flamenco music and Argentine tango. An original story about love, jealousy, power struggles and passions, Co-Production Israel-Spain  OTROS- Choreographers create for the COMPAS dance company  “Snow White and the Seven dwarfs” - A theater - flamenco show based on the well-known legend.  "Con el Tiempo" - A journey to the flamenco world.  “King David & Bat-Sheba”- A personal artistic interpretation to one of the complicated episode in the bible. A passionate, dramatic, colorful and multi participants production.  “La Dama de las Camellias” - An original Israeli-Spanish Co-Production based on the famous story.  “Cuatro Caminos”- Flamenco in four chapters. Choreographies for traditional styles in flamenco.  “Luna y Media”- A different show; innovative, daring and breaking out bounds. The flamenco goes to far-reaching districts, confronts stigmas and consensus that are associated with the flamenco world.  “Espejo”- A dialogue between the flamenco and other styles of dance  “Carmen”- A flamenco dance theater. An optimistic version, based on the well-known Prosper Merimas novel. A combination of dance, acting and fine art.  “Mi Alma”- An original and authentic flamenco show.  “The magical fan”- A studio work for children. An inter-active piece to experience the flamenco world. *During their existence, Michal and the group have participated in some leading dance festivals and events in Israel and around the world, such as: “Budapest Summer Festival” - Budapest, Hungary - Sep. 2009 (with King David & Bat-Sheba) Sarajevo Winter Festival - Sarajevo, Bosnia- March 2006 & Feb. 2009 (with King David & Bat-Sheba) “XIII Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco”- Madrid, Spain - June 2004 (made it to the final) “The HIGH FEST International Festival”- Yerevan, Armenia - 2003 & 2005 “University of Prague” - Master Class for Academy of Acting “The Israel Festival” - in Jerusalem, “The Karmiel international Dance festival”, “Days of Flamenco”, “International Guitar Festival” *Events in The Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre in Tel Aviv: “Shades in Dance” (receiving an award), “SummerDance Festival”, “Curtain Up”, “International Exposure” and “Magic fairy tales” For information: Keren Regev - Director. Tel: 972-3-6959536 E-mail: Website: YOUTUBE:
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