Memorial Site Giv'at HaTahmoshet
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Memorial Site Giv'at HaTahmoshet

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Shlomo Zalman Shragai 5, Jerusalem, Israel
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The name of the site "Ammunition Hill" was born during the British Mandate which was the hill like an arsenal of mandatory school police. On 18.05.1948 the hill was occupied by a Jordanian battalion from Guinea, the Irgun unit which protect the area. In the aftermath of the War of Independence was fortified hill by the Jordanians and became the most fortified target, as an integral part along the Jordanian "City Line" in Jerusalem. Six-Day War 1967 was assigned to battalion 66 of 55 Parachute Brigade, the mission to conquer the police academy, the ammunition Hill Ambassador Hotel and connect with Scopus via Sheikh Garh. conquest of the hill paid paratroopers heavy price. our fighters fought under conditions inferior but their devotion to the task, despite the 24 fighters who fell on the hill what happened? battle for Ammunition Hill, allowed the breakthrough into the Old City of Jerusalem, the connection to Mount Scopus and the release of the Western Wall, we model self-sacrifice and devotion, determination and courage, camaraderie and love for the Land of Israel. today ammunition Hill serves as a memorial state and the museum, dedicated to mark the liberation of Jerusalem and the perpetuation of the 182 fighting for liberation and unification of Jerusalem.
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