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halleluya restaurant

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Sunday - Thursday 12:00 to 22:30
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Nostalgia reasons we always do it big time. The restaurant 'Hallelujah' I remember since I was in Eilat, remembers her youthful grace and with good reason. Restaurant 'Hallelujah' was founded in 1979 and since has earned a reputation among Hayltim and tourists. The restaurant is reminiscent of the typical living room of Moroccan mother. The walls are pictures of Hasidim, a wide place, with the option to sit in the balcony, the host, like the mother, walking among the tables and gives a feeling mother at home. Restaurant you can savor the cuisine is rich with both types of menus - Israel - Oriental and Chinese - among other things: Israeli food authentic, a selection of cooking, packet flag: couscous - Fromm and Taz'in lamb in the oven, grill grilled meats and fish, cuisine Chinese Kosher exception , a selection of about 20 salads, desserts - different types of cakes, baklava, and fruit. We are dealing with couscous, couscous cream so you know, she said to the flagship restaurant, comes in a clay together with Fromm (amazing), cooked vegetables, hummus, a bowl of soup and salads {order}. You can order the dish with chicken and vegetarian form of course. The restaurant's location in the city center makes it more accessible and certainly can eat and take a ride on the boardwalk lowering calories. There is also a daily delivery menu. I sit. All types of events at the restaurant. And catering sit winner. Bar / bat mitzvah celebrations. Bonding evenings with music and karaoke up to 120 people. Birthdays. A kosher restaurant - Glatt, Mehadrin, with Glatt kosher certificate can be ordered by phone watches.

Activity Times:
Sunday - Thursday 12:00 to 22:30
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No smoking Parking Suitable For events Delivery Wi-Fi

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