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General Information
Ra'anan In The Field is breakthrough thinking and unique solutions and integrates learning, experience, challenge and space.
Ra'anan In The Field is a unique company in the field that reflected in combination and synchronization between training, experience and a challenge, and beach events.
Each process working with businesses and other organizations in the field combines fresh thinking and training and consulting on advanced experiential thinking challenge and supported in production capabilities and highly advanced logistics.

The company also has-
Beach - Beach trawl, which is a great base for training activities, formulation, experience and events.
Orchard fresh - including tent closed and heated in a citrus orchard park Processing Challenges and magical corners.

The company specializes in-
Workshops developing unique and customized client's needs, with an emphasis on organizational values and culture leading processes and organizations through the challenging experience of unconventional techniques and OD – ID formation and fun workshops in Israel and abroad - as a basis for motivating employees pleasure Company Events private concerns Space Productions magical and unique natural sites such as beaches, forests, caves, villages near Crusader and the Ottoman tents and selection of equipment, high level production in a variety of designs.
Ra'anan, certified organizational consulting Business School at Tel Aviv University Recanati.
Payment method :
cash and credit
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