The Kibbutz Experience at Ein-Shemer
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The Kibbutz Experience at Ein-Shemer

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Ein Shemer, Israel
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At the old courtyard in Ein Shemer you can enjoy and experience the life of pioneers from the early settlement? Impressive historic site restorations of the original stone house, the old dining room, bakery, armory and barracks, agricultural machinery, tractors and more. The activity is suitable for all ages and includes exciting programs according to the seasons, exploring harvesting olives and producing olive oil to the wheat harvest and preparation of a field just bread. You can visit B"hangr Michael ", a unique museum of agricultural machinery and tractors? Experience for all ages. Of course you can not give up on tractor-drawn wagon tour of the kibbutz and in the barn and train travel in the Kibbutz fields oaks tells the story of the oak-forest-Ottoman period. Experience preparing delicious bakery buns restored is a treat every time and excellent training course that includes audiovisual presentation at the museum and visit the permanent exhibition of new and fascinating "people and Roots'? The narrator is an exciting exhibition and special, by movies, comics and active presentation of the story Hioosdm kibbutzim, their contribution and importance, the mirror of Kibbutz Ein Shemer. Has updated the museum site and ascertain the existence of tasks. Anticipation to see you!
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