Eilat is the southernmost city in Israel, and is located in the  border of Aqaba on the shores of the Red Sea.
The city serves as a port city and a major tourist attraction in Israel.
Eilat civil settlement was founded in 1952, and became a city in 1959. 

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Eilat is the southernmost city in Israeland is located in the  border of Aqaba on the shores of the Red Sea.
The city serves as a port city and a major tourist attraction in Israel.
Eilat civil settlement was founded in 1952and became a city in 1959
The main attractions are the Red Sea in Eilat and its shores,there are lots of hotels in the city alongside wide variety of attraction to tourists and visitors.


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Accommodation in Eilat Accommodation...

Weather in Eilat - Crowne Plaza Eilat

Crowne Plaza Eilat North Shore, Eilat, Israel

Are you dreaming about a holiday in paradise? Come to Eilat, the city of endless sun, and experience the ...

Price in range 650-1250 N.I.S

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Weather in Eilat - Isrotel Royal Garden

Isrotel Royal Garden North Shore, Eilat

Isrotel Royal Garden is a beautiful hotel located in Eilat. The hotel rooms are designed in an elega...

Price in range 750-1340 N.I.S

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Weather in Eilat - Isrotel Riviera Club

Isrotel Riviera Club North Beach, Eilat

Isrotel Riviera Club hotel invites you to enjoy a fun and affordable vacation in Eilat. The rooms of...

Price in range 890-1290 N.I.S

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Restaurants in Eilat Restaurants...

Weather in Eilat - El Gaucho - Eilat

El Gaucho - Eilat Through the Arava at the entrance to Eilat, Eilat

The secret of delicious meat cuisine at the El Gaucho restaurants lies in the right choice of beef par...

Price in range 50-150 N.I.S

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Weather in Eilat - Pasteuri

Pasteuri North Beach eilat

Pasteuri, on the northern coast of Eilat, is a magical Tuscan restaurant. Italian courtyard Pasteuri c...


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Weather in Eilat - Dennis Restaurant

Dennis Restaurant Kaufman, eilat

Reliable sources say that the icing on the cake hidden culinary saturated Eilat and breathtaking landscap...


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Things to do in Eilat Things to do...

Weather in Eilat - Deep - Siam dive center

Deep - Siam dive center coral beach eilat

Diving Club Deep resort is a union of two leading diving clubs, one is Siam Club 25-year spe...


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Weather in Eilat - Camel Ranch eilat

Camel Ranch eilat Camel Ranch eilat

Camel Ranch eilat is located in Shlomo lake, watching over amazing view of the desert, by ten minutes ...


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Weather in Eilat - Typhoon Hovercraft

Typhoon Hovercraft Marina, Eilat

With Typhoon Hovercraft you can enjoy an amazing attraction in Eilat. The cruise is suitable fo...


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