User Guide

1. How do I search the site for business?

There are a number of ways to do so:

A. Using the Map:
1) On the home page click on the desired area on the map.
2) Select the desired category from the list on the right - if it's not in the main category , click on "More categories".
3) For you to use is a search bar that will target your search and help you will find the best business / place for you.

B. Using the Search Engine
1) In the search engine, in every page of the site, enter a region, category, and classification, or enter free text (or both), and click Search.

2. How do I respond to the articles on the site?

Only registered users can comment on articles. See Site Registration.

3. How do I register to the site?

To register, click on the Register button at the top of the site, fill out the required information, define classifications and regions of interest, and complete your registration via the confirmation sent by email.

4. How do I find an event?

A. Using the Search engine:
1) Click on the "Event Search" tab.
2) Enter an region, event type, and date.
3) You can add free text to target a specific search.

In. Using the Events Calendar:
1) in the calendar that's on the home page, select the region, event type and date.
2) The Events Calendar with sync according to your choice.
3) Select the specific date that you wish to view.

C. Using the Personal profile:
1) Register to the site (see "Registration").
2) Set a personal profile that includes regional and interests that you like.
3) through the Personal Area (to which you get by signing into the site) - you will receive updates according to the profile set.

5. How does a listed member login to the site?

The login is done by entering the Email and password, as chosen in the initial registration to the site, in the suitable square (at the top of every page on the site), and clicking 'Sign'.

6. How can I publish an article on the site?

Materials should be sent to the email address: along with images you wish to add to the article, and author information (credit).

7. I forgot my password and I cannot log into the site, what should I do?

A. Click on the "Forgot Password" in the upper right part of the site.
In. Enter the e-mail address as you supplied in the initial registration.
C. Your Password is sent to your e-mail address.