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The cooperation between the taxi association and I Travel Israel allows you to travel safely by taxi without worries.
I Travel Israel recommends on bussinesses and taxies, when the top values are the warranty and reliability of the taxi drivers in Israel while maintaining the safety rules.

How does it work?

On the side of each taxi you will find the the I Travel Israel and the taxi association stickers.
If you traveled with a taxi driver that violated the regulations, you can file a complaint using the interface below and it will be forwarded to the relevant parties.

Have a safe and successful trip,
 I Travel Israel
Did you get a good service? a bad service?
We will be happy to hear from you.
Orders phone numbers

Tel-Aviv                                 Platin                             073-7590324
Tel-Aviv                                 New-York                        073-7590331
Tel-Aviv                                 Ha'Meshuhrar                     073-7590332
Tel-Aviv                                 Balfour                              073-7590339
Tel-Aviv                                 Ha'Kastel                         073-7590327

Bat-Yam                                Ben-Gurion                        073-7590346
Bat-Yam                                Limousin                        073-7590351

Rishon Lezion                        The malls                           073-7590347
Ness Ziona
And Rehovot

Petah-Tikva                             Abir                               073-7590345